History of Baptist Indian Missions

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History of Baptist Indian Missions 

By Isaac McCoy

Completed in 1839 and published the following year, Isaac McCoy’s History of Baptist Indian Missions constitutes one of the most original and valuable contributions ever made to the literature of the American Indian or to the annals of missionary endeavors.  “The author resided more than twenty years among the Ottawas, Pottawatomies, and Miamis as a missionary.  During this period, he kept a journal of events and incidents of Indian life, which with his letters and reports, formed a great mass of material from which to form his history.  It is largely composed of the records of personal experience; but is far from being a mere missionary report of religious progress.  It is in fact the work of a highly intelligent man, who recorded with the judgment of a historian, while he labored with the zeal of an ecclesiastic; and the result of his early philosophical observations has been, to give us a very valuable record of the characteristic traits of the Indian tribes he lived among.  The first forty pages are occupied with remarks on the origin of the Indian tribes.  The awfully rapid destruction of the aboriginal race, by contact with the whites; the murders, the debauchery, and the superstition of the Indians, as well as the nobler traits, receive a large share of the author’s attention.” – Thomas W. Field.

Unique in its conception, this book remains a stirring tribute to the commitment of the McCoys and their missionary associates to a God-given ideal in the midst of tremendous adversity.  It is just such a testament of courage and commitment which constitutes an important part of this book’s valuable legacy to our own time, and one that should not be lost to future generations.

672 pages.  Includes a map, 16 black and white photos and engravings, a glossy insert of 8 color Indian portraits of the time painted by George Catlin, and a comprehensive index of persons and subjects not found in any other edition of this work. 

History of Baptist Indian Missions is referred to in This Day in Baptist History III, by Daivd Cummins, April 2 entitled "An Amazing Missionary."  He says, ". . . Isaac and Christiana [McCoy} were completely sold out to Christ, . . . "  And   "Let me urge families to secure a copy and read it in devotions.  It will strengthen the missionary fervor of those who carefully and prayerfully read it."