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A Noble Company - Volume 11

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A Noble Company

Biographical Essays on Notable

Particular-Regular Baptists in America

Volume 11

Edited by Terry Wolever



Volume 11 contains essays on nineteen more remarkable men, women, and children from the nineteenth through the 20th century. These include some more major figures like Basil Manly, Jr., William Cathcart, James P. Boyce, J. B. Gambrell, T. T. Eaton, and A. W. Pink, together with lesser-known individuals such as Stephen Wright, Hezekiah Harvey, Charles Keyser, Sallie R. Ford, Robert S. Duncan, H. Boyce Taylor, C. D. Cole, and Rolfe Barnard. Additionally, 16 more brief sketches on recently deceased figures carry the story up to the present. 662 pages. Illustrated with more rare portraits and other pictures. Three extensive indexes - Persons, Subjects and Churches. Bound in Navy cloth vellum with gold stamping. 

The essays contained in this volume are:

1.  Stephen Wright (1813-1889) by Terry Wolever

2.  Hezekiah Harvey (1821-1893) by Jeff Straub

3.  Horatio G. Jones, Jr. (1822-1893) by André Gazal

4.  Sarah F. Davis (1822-1834); Mary V. Lothrop (1824-1831; and Mary E. Blain (1825-1838) by Terry Wolever

5.  Basil Manly, Jr. (1825-1892) by Michael A. G. Haykin

6.  William Cathcart (1826-1908) by James M. Renihan

7.  Charles Keyser (1827-1877) by Terry Wolever

8.  James P. Boyce (1827-1888) by Tom J. Nettles

9.  Sallie R. Ford (1828-1910) by Richard C. Traylor

10.  William R. Rothwell (1831-1898) by Jerry Cain

11. Robert S. Duncan (1832-1909) by Robert E. Johnson

12. James B. Gambrell (1841-1921) by A. G. Winters

13. Thomas T. Eaton (1845-1907) by A. G. Winters

14. H. Boyce Taylor (1870-1932) by Ben Stratton

15. Claude D. Cole (1885-1968) by Ben Stratton

16. Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952) by Aaron Menikoff

17. Rolfe P. Barnard (1904-1969) by E. A. Johnston

18. Short essays on:

      Peter Connolly (1900-1969) by Gary W. Long

      John R. Gilpin (1905-1974) by Gary W. Long

      Cleve Brantley (1909-1988) by Gary W. Long

      E. W. Johnson (1914-2001) by Warner Worthan

      Roger Nicole (1915-2010) by J. Ramsey Michaels

      Kenneth H. Good (1916-1991) by Jeff Brodrick

      Don Reiner (1917-1986) by Bruce Reiner

      Ernie Reisinger (1919-2004) by Don Reisinger

      Don McKinney (1921-2009) by Ron McKinney

      Curtis Vaughan (1924-2005) by Tom J. Nettles

      Al Blackwell (1925-1991) by Marie Blackwell

      Frank Boydstun (1928-2000) by Gary W. Long

      Norbert Ward (1931-1980) by Jon Zens

      Forrest Keener (1933-2013) by Dan Chamberlin

      Bill Lancaster (1940-2014) by Gary W. Long

      Lennie R. Wilson (1948-2018) by Gary W. Long


There are 11 appendixes:

Appendix A: A list of seventeenth through nineteenth century Baptist statements on the inerrancy / infallibility of the Bible

Appendix B: Becoming slaves for the sake of the Gospel: the story of James Burrows, Samuel Bivins, and John Bivins

Appendix C: An Abstract of the Philadelphia Confession of Faith. As Recommended by the Philadelphia Baptist Association at their annual meetings in October 1837 and 1877

Appendix D: The Covenant and Articles of Faith of the West Union Baptist Church, Oregon Territory, May 1844, the first Baptist church formed west of the Rocky Mountains

Appendix E: “Reverend” Ministers? by C. H. Spurgeon

Appendix F: “So have Baptists borne, and deserve to bear, the name of Calvinists,” by George D. B. Pepper (1876)

Appendix G: “Henry Ward Beecher’s Experience,” by Sallie Rochester Ford (1880)

Appendix H: A brief review of the controversy over the doctrine of election within the G.A.R.B.C., 1974-1975, by Terry Wolever

Appendix: I: Immortality, by Cleve Brantley (1963)

Appendix J:  My Friend Leslie, by Cleve Brantley (1968)

Appendix K: For Whom Did Christ Die? by John Owen






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    Posted by David Oldfield on 13th Aug 2018

    I will certainly read it again.