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A Noble Company - Volume 7

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A Noble Company

Biographical Essays on Notable

Particular-Regular Baptists in America

Volume 7

Edited by Terry Wolever

This volume contains essays on twenty-four men and women, all of whom did their work for the Lord during the latter half of the eighteenth century and the mid-nineteenth century. 

Subjects in this volume are:

1. Jesse Mercer (1769-1841) by Anthony L. Chute

2.  Marmaduke Earle (1769-1856) by Terry Wolever

3.  Andrew Broaddus (1770-1848) by Peter Beck

4.  William Staughton (1770-1829) by Thomas J. Nettles

5.  Asahel Morse (1771-1838) by Gerald L. Priest

6.  William Collier (1771-1843) by G. Truett Rogers

7.  James Whitsitt (1771-1849) by Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

8.  Stephen Smith Nelson (1772-1853) by Jeffrey P. Staub

9.  Joshua Bradley (1773-1855) by Terry Wolever

10. William Parkinson (1774-1848) by André A. Gazal

11Clark Kendrick (1775-1824) by William H. Brackney

12. Daniel Dodge (1775-1851) by Jeffrey A. Waldrop

13. Jeremiah Chaplin (1776-1841) by Nathan V. Lentfer

14Archibald Maclay (1776-1860) by Ian Hugh Clary

15Nathaniel Kendrick (1777-1848) by Benjamin C. Leslie

16. Daniel Davis Lewis (1777-1849) by Larry R. Oats

17. Horatio Gates Jones, Sr. (1777-1853) by G. Truett Rogers

18. Stephen Chapin (1778-1845) by Christopher C. Moore

19Joseph Mathias (1778-1851) by Johnny Truelove

20. Thomas Brown (1779-1831) by Jonny White

21 & 22. Ensign Lincoln (1779-1832) and Thomas Edmands (1780-1850) by Terry Wolever

23. Obadiah B. Brown (1779-1852) by Don Moffitt

24. Mary Webb (1779-1861) by Rosalie Beck

There are three appendixes.  They are:

A.  Letter from William Staughton to the parents of Stephen Dutilh (1800)

B.  Church Covenant and Resolutions of the Baptist Church at Burlington, New Jersey, 1801. William Staughton, Pastor.

C.  Letter from Clark Kendrick to Mrs. Tabitha Morgan (1820)

Hardcover. Bound in Navy cloth vellum with gold stamping. 649 pages. Illustrated with some additional rare portraits and other pictures. Three extensive indexes - Persons, Subjects and Churches.