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A Noble Company - Volume 9

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A Noble Company

Biographical Essays on Notable

Particular-Regular Baptists in America

Volume 9

Edited by Terry Wolever


Volume 9 contains essays on twenty-two more men and women from the early to mid-nineteenth century. Hardcover. Bound in Navy cloth vellum with gold stamping. 674 pages. Illustrated with some rare portraits and other pictures. Three extensive indexes - Persons, Subjects and Churches.

The essays contained in this volume are:

1.  Evan Jones (1788-1872) by Bill Sumners

2.  Joshua S. Callaway (1789-1854) by Anthony Chute

3.  John Mason Peck (1789-1858) and Sarah Paine Peck (1789-1856) by Myron D. Dillow

4.  Samuel Wait (1789-1867) by Bill Leonard

5.  Duncan Dunbar (1790?-1864) by Truett Rogers

6.  James M. Winchell (1791-1820) by Earl Waggoner

7.  Jacob H. Brouner (1791-1848) by Jeff Straub

8.  Benjamin M. Hill (1793-1881) by Terry Wolever

9.  Bartholomew T. Welch (1794-1870) by Albert W. Wardin, Jr.

10. Ira M. Allen (1795-1849) & Eliza C. Allen (1803-1848) by Terry Wolever

11. John L. Dagg (1794-1884) by Jared R. Longshore

12. Ira R. Steward (1795-1867) by Larry Oats

13. John G. Stearns (1795-1874) by J. Ryan West

14. Norvell Robertson, Jr. (1796-1878) by Gerald L. Priest

15. Zelotes Grenell (1796-1883) by Jeff Brodrick

16. Isaac T. Hinton (1799-1847) by Walter Johnson

17. James M. Challiss (1799-1869) by André Gazal

18. Robert E. Pattison (1800-1874) by André Gazal

19. Johnston Lykins (1800-1876) by Gary W. Long

20. Baron Stow (1801-1869) by J. Ramsey Michaels


There are six appendixes:

A. Church Rules, Discipline, and Covenant of the Salem Baptist Church, on Cole’s Creek, near Natchez, the first organized in the Mississippi Territory, 1791

B. The Doctrine of Election. Circular Letter of the Rensselaerville (N.Y.) Baptist Association, 1813, by John Mason Peck

C. Articles of Faith of the Baptist Church at Rock Spring, Illinois, organized in the hall of the Rock Spring Theological and High School by Thomas P. Green, Zadock Darrow and John Mason Peck, April 12, 1829

D. The Articles of Faith of the Eastern Louisiana Baptist Association, 1842

E. The testimony of Primitive Baptist founder and leader Gilbert Beebe (1800-1881) from April 1876 revisited

F. A needful reminder of the price of religious liberty


Lastly, this volume includes a listing of the individual essays and contributing writers in A Noble Company, Volumes 1-8