14th section of Anthology of Early Baptists in RI reviewed.

14th section of Anthology of Early Baptists in RI reviewed.

8th Oct 2020

The 14th section in An Anthology of the Early Baptists in Rhode Island is "The First Calvinistic Baptist Association in New England, 1754?-1767" by William G. McLoughlin.

A quote from the section, "Little notice has been taken, however, of the Six Principle Calvinistic Baptist Association which developed on the borders of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island in the 1750’s to unite and serve a group of Separate-Baptist churches formed in the aftermath of the Awakening. And yet this association, short-lived though it was, merits attention. It represented the first spontaneous effort of the Separate-Baptists to seek unity and order in the confusion which followed the break-up of the Separate movement after 1754. Although it proved to be a false start, it nevertheless prepared the way for the Warren Association whose importance is acknowledged by all Baptist historians. And it is particularly interesting that the basis of the organization was agreement on the belief that the ritual of laying on of hands was essential to church membership."  

And another quote, "Out of all of this the figure of Isaac Backus assumes new importance as a leader in the movement to unify and organize the renascent Baptists of New England."

The portrait is of Isaac Backus.