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Anthology - Appendixes and Index of Persons

Anthology - Appendixes and Index of Persons

28th Oct 2020

To complete our review of An Anthology of the Early Baptists in Rhode Island there are 3 appendixes along with an Index of Persons. Appendix A: John Clark's Confession of Faith, together with the Articles of Faith written by Obadiah Holmes in 1675; Appendix B: Letter of Peter Place, dated Providence, March 30, 1719; and Appendix C: Church Covenant of the First Baptist Church, Newport, R.I., 1727. Here is an excerpt from the Newport Church Covenant:

"We promise to watch over each other’s conversation, and not to suffer sin upon one another as God shall discover it to us or any of us, to stir up each other to love and good works, and if any fall into sin, to warn and admonish them according to the nature of the offence, with a spirit of meekness, as the gospel requires."

The illustration is Peter Place's letter.