Benjamin M. Hill (1793-1881) is the 8th subject in our book - A Noble Company, volume 9.

19th Jul 2017

In his sermon to the [U.S.] Legislature [May 6, 1829], Hill reminded political leaders of their obligations to be moral, and their accountability to God:

"Legislators and magistrates are ordained of God for the punishment of evil doers, and for the praise of them that do well; to whom all are required to be subject for the Lord’s sake. When men, therefore, are elevated to these stations, they are constituted guardians of the public virtue, and acquire an influence that will affect, in an increased degree, the moral as well as civil interests of the community, and consequently render themselves additionally responsible. * * * * The moral character of their administration is treasured up in the remembrance of the Almighty; and having assumed the responsibility of such stations, they must expect to render to Him a solemn account of every official act, the tendency of which is to promote the moral interests of the community, or leave them unprotected and exposed to destruction. It is possible for men, with some degree of plausibility, to screen themselves from the censure of their fellow-men, by casting their personal guilt upon others; but with the All-seeing God this will not avail." ----Terry Wolever