Book review of the 2-volume set on Psalms.

Posted by Patti Holcomb on 19th Jun 2014

"These well-bound volumes are recommended for anyone seeking to get to grips with the messianic character of the Psalter [or Book of Psalms], for this treatment is distinguished by a strong concentration on Christ. . . . The result is forceful, devotional, and insightful, especially as the author takes pains to connect the experiences woven into the Psalms with the life of the God-man. . . . If you are seeking precise technical information, then Pierce is not your first port of call. However, if you are looking for sermonically-suggestive interpretations, a fresh and stimulating survey of the Psalter, and a clear though perhaps not unerring view of Christ, then this is a helpful resource."

—Jeremy Walker as reviewed in The Banner of Truth Magazine, May 2014.