Chapter 3 - History of the Baptist Churches in Ohio

Chapter 3 - History of the Baptist Churches in Ohio

24th May 2023

The 3rd chapter in History of the Baptist Churches in Ohio is entitled, "The Missionary Cause in Ohio." Below is an excerpt:

"The model for Baptist missionary outreach in America was not the associational unit but the 'society' plan. Borrowed from England, where it was tested in the work of missions, tract distribution, and the Sunday school movement, the society pattern proved successful in harnessing the religious forces to specific crusades. In addition to the Triennial Convention which was basically a foreign mission society in structure, two other national societies developed among Baptists, the Baptist General Tract Society, established in 1824 and later called the American Baptist Publication Society, and the American Baptist Home Mission Society, founded in 1832."

In addition to discussing missionary endeavors, Dr. Clossman covers the beginnings of Baptist education in Ohio. Thomas G. Jones (1778-1845) was instrumental in raising this question: is it “expedient and conducive to form a society for the purpose of raising a fund to assist pious young men who are desirous to engage in the work of the ministry, to obtain education, and to invite other associations to unite with us in the plan.”

Picture is of Thomas G. Jones.