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"Courier X" excerpt

"Courier X" excerpt

23rd Aug 2023

Last excerpt from our latest book - "Lessons from a Barbed Wire Fence" & Other Bible-based Stories for Children, by Gary W. Long. This story is entitled, "Courier X."

"That afternoon, they saw the port and were very happy for a safe arrival, and with only a few things missing. As they were pulling up to the dock, she saw Urbane, who waved to her and hollered that he would help her with her trunk when they docked.

All this time the trunk was left below by itself, but Phobemia kept the leather pouch safely under her arm, wrapped in her food bag. One of the thieves came up behind her while there were many people and much yelling and confusion on deck. With no one noticing, he grabbed the food bag, and before she could yell for help, he had opened it. He quickly took the leather pouch out and untied it. Phobemia held her breath, at the same time looking around for someone who could help, but there was no one paying attention.

The thief looked in the bag again. 'Is this all there is? A scroll?' He was irritated and threw the pouch on the deck and walked off to other mischief.

Phobemia was pleased. She said, 'Thank You, Lord, for Your protection.' She picked up the scroll, re-tied it, put it back in her food bag, and waited for Urbane.

'Welcome, Phobemia,' Urbane said, as he greeted her.
'Urbane, it’s so good to see a friendly face! Are your wife and family with you?'
'Yes, they’re on the dock, and anxious to see you. I hope you had a good trip from Corinth.'
'Yes, it was okay, but I’m glad to be in Rome. And please, Urbane, you know I prefer to be called Phebe. Phobemia is so formal.'
'Do you have his letter?'

Do you know what was in the leather pouch that was so important?"
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