David Benedict is the first essay in our upcoming hardcover book in the Noble Company series - volume 8.

19th Oct 2016

David Benedict (1779-1874) walked 95 years on this earth as the foremost chronicler of American Baptist church growth since Morgan Edwards rode saddle and pack through the original colonies....Benedict was the first in America to give the serious nineteenth-century researcher the big picture successes and the detailed Gospel needs of a muscular, booming nation, and its fledgling-to-eagle Baptist foreign and home missions movements and their organized endeavors in the Gospel works of publishing, education, and charity. As a busy pastor, teacher, administrator, scholar, writer, editor, husband, father, grandfather, denominational leader, promoter and supporter of missions and Bible publishing, and sometime poet, David Benedict really was a sort of Renaissance man in his own way, and a much more able historian and theologian than perhaps commonly thought. --Matthew Lee Underwood

Our current release date is late November.