Duncan Dunbar (1790?-1864) is the subject of the 5th essay in A Noble Company, volume 9 - our latest book released by the Press.

14th Jun 2017

He [Duncan Dunbar] was a man of earnestness in his beliefs, his work, and his very being. Beginning with his search for a personal relationship with God and his witnessing of the same to countless numbers of people, to his intense belief and preaching of Calvinistic doctrine, to his almost unsustainable physical activity for ministering to individuals and churches in need, his was an “earnest ministry.” . . . his earnestness was attractive to many, as seen from the fact that he was sought after by so many people, and so many congregations, on so many occasions. His itinerancy, though often over brief periods of time, usually proved to be successful in leading individuals to faith in Christ and churches to be revitalized. He was earnest in preaching, witnessing, and notably in his prayer life as related in his “Bower of Prayer.” ---Truett Rogers