Ensign Lincoln & Thomas Edmands are the 21st subject in our latest book.

2nd Sep 2016

"Collectors of early Baptist literature, whether printed sermons, associational minutes, historical discourses, or books, will notice on their title pages time and again in this country the Boston publishing house of Lincoln and Edmands. By far the most significant of the early Baptist publishers in the opening decades of the nineteenth century, the firm built a nationwide reputation during its brief twenty-nine-year existence from 1803 to 1832. . . .For Ensign Lincoln, the motivation to be a publisher of such material himself after his conversion seemed a natural course to pursue, since he had already been apprenticed in the printing business." --Terry Wolever

Read more about Ensign Lincoln (1779-1832) and Thomas Edmands (1780-1850) in our latest book, A Noble Company, volume 7. Ensign Lincoln's picture is the first below and Thomas Edmands' picture is next.