​Excerpt from the introduction to the Selected Unpublished Letters of C. H. Spurgeon in the back of our latest book - An Exposition of Matthew by Spurgeon:

1st Feb 2016

The following unpublished letters of Charles Haddon Spurgeon were collected originally by John Eric Klingberg, who founded the well-known Klingberg Children’s Home in New Britain, Connecticut, in 1903. The collection was further expanded by his son, Haddon Klingberg (named after Spurgeon). It was then purchased by the writer some years ago from John E. Kingberg’s grandson, Haddon Klingberg, Jr. . . There are two significant letters on the “downgrade controversy” and letters to some very important people of the time. . . .Besides the letters, there are two sermon outlines, . . .two book reviews and five post cards. There are also two letters by Mrs. Spurgeon and a letter to Mr. Spurgeon by Thomas De Witt Talmage. We have included information about the letters and addressee when known. . . ---GL

The first picture in the 24-page glossy color picture section is below.