Featured books: William Johnson, Edmund Botsford & First Baptist Charleston

Featured books: William Johnson, Edmund Botsford & First Baptist Charleston

31st Aug 2022

The featured books this week are in the Charleston Association series:

Giant in the Land: The Life of William B. Johnson (1782-1862), First President of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1845-1851, by Hortense C. Woodson

Memoirs of Elder Edmund Botsford, compiled and edited by Charles D. Mallary

History of the First Baptist Church of Charleston South Carolina, 1682 - 2007, by Robert A. Baker, Paul J. Craven and Marshall Blalock

A spiritual heir of the early Particular Baptists in South Carolina, William B. Johnson’s contribution to American Baptist life was not as a theologian, but rather as a man remarkably gifted in organizational and administrative skills – traits that would lead him into prominent leadership positions of great influence. This reprinting of Miss Woodson’s life of William B. Johnson has been greatly enhanced by additional illustrations, a comprehensive index, and valuable appendices. 255 pages. $24. 

“Mr. Botsford had a strong faith in the Savior’s abiding presence, and he enjoyed much of the Spirit’s power in his heart. His labors in Georgia were eminently blessed, and he is revered as one of the illustrious and heaven-honored founders of the Baptist denomination in that state and he has the same distinguished position in the Baptist history of South Carolina.” (William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881, 119). Illustrated and indexed. 251 pages. $25. 

First Baptist Church, Charleston, is the oldest Baptist church in the South and, in the view of many, the most influential single church in the development of the people who came to be called Southern Baptists. Here is the story of that church and her influence on Southern Baptist theology, missions, education, women’s work, and organization. 652 pages. Illustrated, indexed, with dust jacket. $34.

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