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Final review of Ministers of the PBA

Final review of Ministers of the PBA

11th May 2022

We have been reviewing the content of Ministers of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1707-1872, A Biographical Notebook, compiled by Terry Wolever for some time now. Today, we will wrap up by reviewing the important resources in the back of the book. 

After the biographical sketch of each subject there are references citing the resources used. For brevity, abbreviations are used throughout. The abbreviations are defined in the "Key to References" section (45 pages).

In addition, we have three comprehensive indexes: Persons, Subjects, and Churches. Each total 65 pages, 69 pages, and 38 pages, respectively. 

This hardback book is 871 pages in length. $36. If you haven't obtained your copy of this excellent and informative resource, order your copy today!