Horatio Gates Jones (1777-1853), the 17th subject in our latest book, A Noble Company, volume 7

27th Jul 2016

Without modern communications and travel, many former Baptists challenge us with their untiring and energetic efforts to preach and minister the Word of God. Horatio Gates Jones was the faithful pastor of the Lower Merion Baptist Church for almost half a century. During that time, however, he was also: a Director of a local bank, board officer of the local schools, an officer of the Triennial Convention, President of the Board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, and Chancellor of a college. Yet he had a pastor’s heart with a love for and dedication to his congregation. Stricken with attacks of painful paralyses throughout his long ministry, and surviving a vicious kick to his head by a horse, he made his way to the pulpit regularly to preach to his people. Even as he lay dying he said to his daughter, “Come, come, let us go to Merion.” He was a man of unusual strength, faithfulness and dedication to God and to his congregation.

--G. Truett Rogers