Information in the appendixes of A Noble Company, volume 5.

4th Nov 2014

A summation of the Appendixes. Appendix A contains a transcription of “A Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Morattico Baptist Church, Lancaster County, Virginia, January 17, 1778,” which is the first time these articles of this important church pastored by Lewis Lunsford have been published. Appendix B is a republication of the complete text of William Rogers’ Circular Letter on “The Doctrine of Justification,” delivered before the Philadelphia Association in October 1785, a work so highly thought of that it was republished by the Particular Baptists in England. Appendixes C. D, and E are also reprints of significant circular letters by the Shaftsbury (Vermont) and Dover (Virginia) Associations dealing with the scriptural nature of church government and the covenant of grace. Appendixes F and G relate the church covenant and doctrinal articles of the Regular Baptist churches at Bryan’s Station, Kentucky (1798) and Portland, Maine (1801), illustrating that while there was a great diversity in their geographical and cultural situations, there was a remarkable uniformity of Calvinistic doctrinal sentiment among these mainstream Baptists in America.