Isaac McCoy - the 11th subject in A Noble Company, Volume 8 - was a missionary to the American Indians.

20th Jan 2017

Isaac McCoy (1784-1846) was a champion at perseverance and his faith was unbending. He trusted in his Lord and even when Providence seemed to turn against him, he knew it was sent from the hand of his loving Father, to test and mold him. He never wavered in his calling and we can marvel at his persistence, when most would have quit. How does one know when the Providence of God is ‘testing’ or when He is ‘closing the door’? McCoy never doubted. His vision came early to do all that he could for a maligned and despised people, and that vision drove him against all opposition. He had great confidence in the sovereignty of God and held firm to his belief in God’s determinate will. His doctrinal beliefs were very important to him and he let all know where he stood in his confession of faith both as a pastor and a missionary. He knew God had an elect people in all the world and so he went, and he went where most would not want to go. --Gary W. Long