Isaac T. Hinton (1799-1847) is the 16th subject in our book, A Noble Company, volume 9

27th Sep 2017

"Though I. T. Hinton was but a short period identified with the Baptist ministry of Virginia, it will not be unsuitable to give his name a place in these memoirs. His eminent devotion and untiring activity rendered him conspicuous among our churches, while his warm and genial spirit endeared him to many hearts….No man was ever more industrious and untiring in the performance of pastoral duty. In the family circle he was a most agreeable companion. Affable, cordial, and sincere, he won the affections of his brethren, and the respect of the community at large. In the dwellings of the poor, by the bedside of the sick, as well as among the more prosperous and wealthy, he was found mingling with the people he served, and aiming, in his ministerial character, to do them good. This being his first pastoral charge, with all the strength of early love he seemed earnestly intent on the prosecution of his great work. His affections were naturally strong and ardent, and they were poured forth in no unstinted measure. All knew him to be their true faithful adviser and friend." ----James B. Taylor in Virginia Baptist Ministers (1859)