James M. Winchell (1791-1820) is the 6th essay in our latest publication - A Noble Company, volume 9.

21st Jun 2017

Lucius Bolles was concluding his remarks. . . ."Is the Sun of Righteousness about to arise upon you," he asked, "and dispel the gloom?" Yes, the Sun of Righteousness was shining. Their new pastor had arrived! Young and energetic, wise yet humble, James Manning Winchell had arrived on the field to do the work of God and lead the First Baptist Church Boston, Massachusetts, into a new day of righteous effectiveness. But no one in that crowd had any idea that less than six years from that moment, Winchell would be dead. . . . So, 'light' becomes an apt metaphor for Winchell’s life and ministry . . . Winchell, of course, found the light through new life in Christ Jesus. He pursued the light of education and devoted himself to sharing the light of God’s truth with the Body of Christ in two churches and within his larger denomination, as well as in the broad communities of Bristol, Rhode Island, and Boston, Massachusetts. By all accounts he was faithful in illuminating those groups educationally, spiritually, theologically, and pastorally. Though a short one, Winchell’s life provides us with the light of a life well lived. --Earl Waggoner