John Gano and David Jones featured this week

John Gano and David Jones featured this week

24th Aug 2022

This week we're featuring two books from our Philadelphia Association Series. They are: The Life of John Gano, 1727-1804, Pastor-Evangelist of the Philadelphia Association, by Terry Wolever; and The Life, Journal and Works of David Jones, by G. Truett Rogers and compiled by Terry Wolever. 

The Life of John Gano presents in detail his ancestry, early life, conversion experience and subsequent ministry at Morristown, New Jersey, the Jersey Settlement in North Carolina, Philadelphia, New York, his chaplaincy with the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and his final years of ministry in Kentucky. 704 pages. Illustrated and maps. Index of Persons, Subjects and Churches. $42.50.

In addition to pastoring churches in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, David Jones also undertook one of the earliest Baptist missionary endeavors among the American Indians in 1772-1773. During the Revolutionary War and again in the Indian Wars of 1794-1796 and the War of 1812, Jones served as a chaplain in the American Army, most notably under General Anthony Wayne. 600 pages. Illustrated. Indexed. $31.50. 

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