John Kerr (1782-1843) is the 5th essay in our latest book - A Noble Company, volume 8, just released last week.

7th Dec 2016

Someone once stated that “religion and politics don’t mix!.” John Kerr ignored the old adage, serving two terms in the Virginia State Congress. Pastor Kerr was a faithful preacher of the free and sovereign grace of God, always calling sinners to repentance. Often his sermons were two hours in length. During his tenure at First Baptist of Richmond, hundreds were converted, missionaries were sent out from this local assembly and the church was touched by revival on two different occasions. First Baptist also ignored the segregation bias of the day, hosting a congregation that was filled with both black and white worshipers. John Kerr would go on to play an instrumental role in exposing the heresies of Alexander Campbell. --Johnny Truelove