John MacArthur comments on our latest book - Spurgeon's commentary on Matthew.

10th Dec 2015

“This fine edition of Spurgeon's commentary on the Gospel of Matthew is made all the more valuable by the inclusion of dozens of previously unpublished letters from the pen of the Prince of Preachers, and a few other anonymous letters that came out of the infamous “Downgrade Controversy,” documenting those final turbulent months of Spurgeon’s life. What amazes me in reading this book is how relevant all of this material is for church life today. Spurgeon’s insights on the text of Matthew are as clear and powerful as they have always been. Some of his letters sound as if they were written to address twenty-first-century issues. All of this underscores the time-lessness of God’s truth and the relentlessness of our adversary, the devil. Truly, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Spurgeon understood that. It’s why he stuck with preaching God’s Word when more stylish preachers tried to tickle Victorian ears with morality tales and high-flown philosophical speech. It’s also why so many Christians in our generation still want to listen to Spurgeon, long after most of the other popular preachers of his era have been long forgotten. Spurgeon has been encouraging, enlightening, and edifying the people of God for more than a century and a half. Here, he does so in the familiar way, through his commentary on Matthew—but also with a fresh voice, in these rare and fascinating personal letters. I highly recommend this volume.”