John Mason Peck (1789-1858) and Sarah Paine Peck (1789-1856) are the next subjects in our soon to be released volume 9 of the Noble Company series.

24th May 2017

Many are the men and women who shaped Baptist life in Missouri and Illinois, but perhaps few contributed more than John Mason Peck and his wife Sarah “Sallie” Paine Peck, a devoted missionary couple with kindred spirits. John Mason Peck dressed plainly, lived simply, and drove himself relentlessly, “laboring for future generations” in laying the foundation first and foremost for religious life on the western frontier. He believed if men’s lives were changed, the very fabric of society would be changed. His mission was to bring the leaven and light of the Gospel and the lamp of information to the West, believing that the two would transform and sustain society. --Myron Dillow