John Sharp Maginnis (1805-1852) is the 5th subject in our recently published book - A Noble Company, volume 10.

16th Jan 2018

B. T. Welch writes, "Professor Maginnis, in his original constitution, united two qualities that are not always found associated in the same person—namely, great amiableness with great excitability. Few men whom I have known, have possessed a more genial and gentle spirit than he, while yet he was keenly sensitive to injury, and did not hesitate to make it manifest by appropriate demonstrations. But it was usually little more than a flash of feeling: and when it was over, the kindly spirit at once resumed its accustomed control. If he had received an injury, he would quickly forgive it; if he had even unintentionally inflicted one, he would as quickly repair it. He had a pre-eminently generous nature; and I think none knew him well but to love him." ----Gary W. Long