Kendrick is the 11th subject in our latest book - A Noble Company, volume 7.

16th Jun 2016

Clark Kendrick (1775-1824) was a major voice in New England Baptist theology. Informed and articulate, he was influential among many Baptists in the region during the early decades of the nineteenth century. Though born in neighboring New Hampshire, his twenty-three years in ministry at Poultney, Vermont, made him one of the longest tenured pastors in that state. A total of 234 persons were added to the congregation during his time there, 189 of these by baptism. He was witty, sagacious, and loved to quote proverbs and sayings. Known for conflict resolution among the frontier Vermonters, he spoke directly and forcefully into family and community situations. As a pastor, Kendrick was a man of the Scriptures, personable and affectionate. Doctrinally he was a thoughtful theologian, who described himself as a consistent Calvinistic Baptist. In addition to his local pastoral role, he engaged in cooperative work, helping to unify the Vermont Baptist Association and supporting both home and foreign mission causes.  --TW