Ministers of the Philadelphia Baptist Association review continued

Ministers of the Philadelphia Baptist Association review continued

30th Jun 2021

The year 1872 (the ending date in our forthcoming book Ministers of the Philadelphia Baptist Association) is noteworthy not only for its being the 165th anniversary of this oldest of Baptist associations in North America, but also for being the last year in which the general circular letter was issued, thereafter “the purpose of such letter being realized in the ‘Doctrinal Sermon.’ ” It therefore seemed like a good place to conclude this volume.

As could be expected, very little information was found on some of these persons, while on others there was an abundance of material. As will be seen, quite a number of the ministers at one time connected with the Association might during their lifetimes be found in pastorates throughout the country—North, South, East and West. They went where they believed the Lord would have them go and were hardly confined to the geographical region of the Middle Atlantic States.

This book represents the first such attempt to compile biographical information on every known minister connected with a Baptist association in America. It will make an excellent companion volume to A. D. Gillette’s, Minutes of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1707-1807.

Stay tuned as we review some of the content in the coming weeks. It is due out in late July.