Next subject in the Noble Co, volume 5 - John Pitman

Posted by Patti on 29th Jun 2014

The next subject in A Noble Company, volume 5:

John Pitman (1751-1822) was born in Boston, Massachusetts and served several churches in New Jersey, Rhode Island, and his native state. By trade a rope-maker, Pitman typified the bi-vocational “ordinary pastor” of the period. Having served in the Revolutionary War, he kept a diary of his experiences, which has since proven to be a valuable historical document. In his later years Pitman led his church in the establishment of a Sunday School and experienced a blessed season of revival. Just before he died he wrote these words to a friend: “Let us adore the rich grace of God in calling us in early life, in keeping us by his power through faith unto the present time, in still making us his care, in enabling us to bear testimony to the truth and its glorious effects in old age, and in all circumstances.”