One of our favorite missionaries - Isaac McCoy

One of our favorite missionaries - Isaac McCoy

13th Jul 2022

On spotlight today is one of our favorite missionaries - Isaac McCoy. We have three books currently in stock: Early Indian Missions by Edward Roustio; The Autobiography of Isaac McCoy by Isaac McCoy and W. N. Wyeth; and Isaac McCoy, Apostle of the Western Trail by George Ella. 

Early Indian Missions, as reflected in the unpublished manuscripts of Isaac McCoy: His work in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and finally Kentucky, was one of unrivaled significance in the early history of each of these states in regards to Indian affairs. 462 pages, illustrated and indexed. $35.50. 

The Autobiography of Isaac McCoy, Recounting his early life, conversion, marriage, and ministry in Indiana 1784-1816: This volume includes a number of items in addition to his autobiography. It may be seen as a prequel and companion to our reprint of A History of Baptist Indian Missions (1840) by Isaac McCoy, which covers the period 1817-1840. 474 pages, illustrated and indexed. $28.

Isaac McCoy, Apostle of the Western Trail: Unfolded before the reader is one of the great chapters in the history of Christian missionary endeavor, and a story of great courage and perseverance in the cause of Christ by those who truly loved the American Indians. 660 pages. Illustrated. $42. 

For more information about each of these books and to order your copy, visit our website at or give us a call at 417.883.0342.