Our next subject in A Noble Company, volume 6 - Daniel Merrill (1765-1833).

31st Aug 2015

Volume 6 will be out this week!! Watch for details on how to order your copy.

Believe it or not the largest Congregational Church in the District of Maine in 1800 was in the town of Sedgwick, Maine. After graduating from Dartmouth College, Daniel Merrill engaged in itinerant ministry in this northern New England coastal community and God blessed the labors with numerous converts. Accepting a call to settle in Sedgwick as the Congregational minister, Merrill continued to see God's blessing and by 1800 his church had become the largest in the District. However, the presence of Baptists in this frontier region caused him to consider more carefully the doctrine of infant baptism and to his dismay he found no biblical support for the practice. The consequence was that Merrill and the majority of his Sedgwick church converted to Baptist principles. Almost entirely unknown now, in the first two decades of the nineteenth century his name became well known from Georgia to Nova Scotia as an able apologist for the Baptist cause. Though apparently somewhat smaller of stature, he left an impressive servant's footprint in the expansion of the Redeemer's Kingdom in Maine and the Maritime Provinces of British North America.