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"Rachem" children's story excerpt

"Rachem" children's story excerpt

16th Aug 2023

Here is another excerpt from our latest book by Gary W. Long, "Lessons from a Barbed Wire Fence" & Other Bible-based Stories for Children. This one is from the story, "Rachem."

". . . Before long the shepherd was moving, calling the sheep to follow him. All of the sheep were glad to follow the young shepherd with the guitar. He knew where there was grass and water, and he carried a weapon that he practiced with when he wasn’t playing the guitar. 'Come on, Olive, don’t lag behind, and don’t forget to bring Rachim.'

That afternoon, most of the sheep were still grazing, and some were resting under shade trees. Olive also had found a large boulder to lay under for shade from the sun, and she was watching Rachim play. She was so tired from being up the day before giving birth, that she dozed off for just a second, when all at once, little Rachim screamed out!

Olive jumped to her feet just in time to see a lion running through some scrub trees....with little Rachim in its mouth. Olive started to give chase and then stopped. She knew she could do nothing against a lion, so she screamed as loud as she could. She hadn’t even finished her first scream when the shepherd flew by her on a dead run, no guitar and.....oh no, he forgot his weapon!"

For more information about these 34 children's stories, visit our website at or give us a call at 417.883.0342. The book retails for $16. If you order 10 or more, you qualify for our quantity discount of 40% off the retail price. 228 pages, hardcover, with a Scripture index.