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Review of Appendix A - Aids to Baptist Historical Research

Review of Appendix A - Aids to Baptist Historical Research

15th Feb 2023

"This guide is intended to be a means of setting before both the beginner and the seasoned researcher in Baptist history some of the publications that have proven to be the most beneficial to the author over the years. Depending upon your own field of study, other material can certainly be suggested. But what is aimed at here is a starting place, in which we’ll look not only at some of the commonly agreed upon resources that are of great value, but also the unconventional and perhaps even seldom known or considered sources. In both instances, it is hoped that something new will be brought to light and made especially helpful to the reader." --Terry Wolever

A quote from the introduction to Appendix A, "Aids to Baptist Historical Research" in the book, God's Glory in Baptist History: A Memorial Volume for Terry Wolever. 

Terry was an excellent Baptist historian and had some unusual ways to obtain historical information about his subjects. This guide that he wrote and presented to students of Baptist history has a wealth of information you will find useful.

The picture is of a portion of a handwritten letter dated 1776. Terry gives tips and pointers to help you transcribe these types of documents.

To get your copy - visit our website at or give us a call at 417.883.0342. 300 pages, illustrated and indexed.