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Review of God's Glory in Baptist History

Review of God's Glory in Baptist History

28th Sep 2022

Today I'm excited to turn our attention to our latest soon-to-be released book: God's Glory in Baptist History, A Memorial Volume for Terry Wolever, edited by Michael A. G. Haykin. 

This will be the 60th book that the Press has published! We are planning to release it early to mid-November. There are 10 contributing writers in addition to 2 previously unpublished items written by Terry Wolever. 

Our late editor and co-founder of Particular Baptist Press was unexpectedly taken from us to be with the Lord in April 2020. This volume is devoted to topics and interests that Terry would have appreciated and enjoyed. We believe you will, too. In the coming weeks, we'll be reviewing each chapter to give you a taste for what's included. 

Stay tuned!