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Review of next book - Works & Letters of Cleve Brantley

Review of next book - Works & Letters of Cleve Brantley

4th Nov 2020

This week we start our review of our forthcoming book - The Works and Letters of Cleve Brantley, edited by Gary W. Long and Terry Wolever.

Many years ago a friend handed me a booklet entitled, Idolatry – The Sin of Nature by Cleve Brantley and said, “You may want to read this, and I think you’ll like it.” And thus I was introduced to the pen of an unknown preacher who would have a major impact on my life. Cleve had just begun publishing his writings with the Idolatry booklet, and he then sent me his second book on predestination entitled, The Tie That Binds. It was as good as or better than anything I had read on that great truth. That began a correspondence that lasted many years.. . . .We have also included a number of stimulating personal letters on various subjects. These letters exhibit his ability and insight into the Word. He had no time for ‘literalism’ and disdained the material and physical interpretation, but loved the spiritual and knew it was the eternal. His hermeneutic was to “compare spiritual things with spiritual.” 1 Cor. 2:13. --From the Introduction by Gary W. Long

Cleve Brantley (1909-1988) pictured.