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Review of Spurgeon items

Review of Spurgeon items

29th Jun 2022

The featured items today are all Spurgeon related. 

The Press reprinted A Cluster of Camphire, Words of Cheer and Comfort to Sick & Sorrowful Souls. This devotional was written by Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon after the passing of her own husband. It was intended to act as a soothing balm to those who had lost a loved one to death. This hardback version is pocket sized, 174 pages, $17.50. There are bulk discounts available, should you want to have some on hand to give to those friends and family that would be encouraged by it.

Another work that the Press has reprinted is the commentary by C. H. Spurgeon, An Exposition of the Gospel According to Matthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom. To his 263-page work we added portraits and other illustrations, but most importantly, a collection of selected unpublished letters to and from Spurgeon, as well as some of his manuscript book reviews and sermon outlines. Total of 384 pages, hardback with dust jacket, $29.50. 

The last item: we have a limited number of Spurgeon collectible coins remaining. These coins are available in 2 different metals - Bronze ($10) and Silver plated in plastic case ($15). Each coin features a likeness of C. H. Spurgeon on the front and the Metropolitan Tabernacle on the back. 

For more information and to place your order, please visit our website at or give us a call at 417.883.0342.