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Review of the 6th section of Cleve Brantley's book

Review of the 6th section of Cleve Brantley's book

6th Jan 2021

The next section in The Works and Letters of Cleve Brantley is The Stranger - A Parable of Life. Here is an excerpt:

  "I beheld him as he travailed weary and late upon his way. I beheld him and knew him not, for he was a Stranger. I beheld him and loved him not, for he was of a people foreign, an alien race, which our people despised and with whom we had no dealings. His form was stooped, his stature small, and his face was furrowed like the fields of the valley. Old was he, old as Time which clung to him, close-wrapped about his body, and was dragged along the ground behind him, a mighty burden, for Time laid hold upon each protuberance along the way and clung to it with the tenacity of death. And all the days, the children of Time rode upon the Stranger, for he was the ancient of his days."

The section ends with over 10 poems written by Cleve. The first verse of the poem "Pride" is:

Pride, red-faced, haughty, blustering,

Goes forth in quest of earthly Fame,

And in the background, darkly lurking,

Is pale-faced, slinking, cowering Shame.

Above is the booklet dedication from Cleve to Bro. Gary. Get your copy today - $20 plus shipping.