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Review of the last chapter in our latest book - Ohio history

Review of the last chapter in our latest book - Ohio history

12th Jul 2023

In this last chapter of A History of the Baptist Churches in Ohio, 1789-1907, Clossman discusses the Ohio Baptist Convention's building years, 1882-1907. He says, "Like the state, the Ohio Baptist Convention was also undergoing changes. The constitution still declared the Convention’s objective to be 'to conduct domestic missions in the State of Ohio.' But, in reality, this narrowly defined purpose represented but a small portion of the Baptist organizational activity. The more central objective, expressed by [George E.] Leonard rather clearly in 1889 was actually 'to unite the Baptists in Ohio in efforts to increase the number and efficiency of the Baptist churches of this State.' State missions were only one relatively minor pursuit of the organization. By 1895, the annual Convention sessions, officially lasting two days, were devoting only two hours and fifteen minutes to state missions. The rest of the Convention agenda served to coordinate, explicate, and unify the sundry and multiform departments under the umbrella of Ohio Baptist Convention activity."

The picture is of the Ninth Street Baptist Church in Cincinnati, one of the churches that was sustaining seven mission stations in 1899, enrolling more than 1800 pupils.

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