Sarah Hallet (1759-1814), is the third subject in volume 6 of A Noble Company.

9th Jun 2015

About the time of her baptism by Isaac Backus on August 12, 1776, young Sarah Holmes (later married to Samuel Hallet) recorded in her diary: “I am not worthy to have a name among the redeemed of the Lord; but glory be ascribed to his great name for his discriminating grace to me.” Solemnly impressed with both her own unworthiness and the sovereignty of God in her conversion, Sarah “made a serious and full dedication of herself to the Lord” early on in her Christian experience. She became noted for her amiable disposition and piety, faithful attendance at the house of God, and being “much concerned for the salvation of sinners.” The observation was made that throughout the course of her Christian life, “it may in truth be said, she walked with God.” Among her last words when it came time for her to die were these: “O may God be glorified, whatever may become of me. I must be faithful even unto death; for I am soon to appear before God.”