Second subject in A Noble Company, volume 5 - George Liele

Posted by Patti on 29th Jun 2014

Our second subject in A Noble Company, volume 5 is:

George Liele (c.1750-1828) was one of the most important figures in black church history in general and black Baptist history in particular. Born in Virginia, Liele experienced God’s saving grace and immediately began preaching with attendant blessings. This was during the tumultuous times of the Revolutionary War period in the South, where many of the slaves (including Liele) believed their hopes for freedom lay with the British. Leaving with the British Army in the evacuation of Savannah, Liele continued his vital gospel ministry on the island of Jamaica, where he soon established a Baptist church at Kingston. He became very influential in the founding of other Baptist churches not only in Jamaica, but through extension in other key places in the Caribbean.