Special volume pricing

Special volume pricing

25th May 2022

Take advantage of our special pricing while we are also offering FREE SHIPPING (through June 18) on all our US domestic orders. We offer 3 volume discount options: 

1. Purchase any 10 or more volumes (excludes the Confession and Cluster of Camphire) and receive 40% off the retail price. 

2. Purchase 10 to 23 of the First London Confession of Faith and receive 40% off the retail price; 24 to 199, receive 50% off; and 200 or more 55% off.

3. Purchase 10 or more of A Cluster of Camphire devotional by Suzannah Spurgeon and receive 50% off the retail price. 

For more information about our books and these discounts, browse our website at PBPress.org. To order, give us a call at 417.883.0342.