Summaries of chapters 26 to 28 in An Exposition of Deuteronomy 33

24th Feb 2015

An Exposition of Deuteronomy 33 by William Parkinson summaries:

Sermon 26: "None Like the God of Jeshurun," pages 843-893;

Sermon 27: "The Expulsion of the Canaanites," pages 894-950;

Sermon 28: "The Expulsion of the Canaanites, Spiritualized," pages 951-1040.

Sermon 26: Who is Jesuran? Jeshuran is a poetic name for Israel, which indicates a righteous and upright people. What kind of God is the God of Jeshuran? There is none like unto him! In particular He is sovereign and eternal and His glory is exalted in a greater fashion among spiritual Israel than national Israel. The Covenant of Grace and the Covenant of Redemption, "God's covenant of peculiarity," shines brighter in Christ. --DO

Sermon 27: Parkinson is at his best in thorough detailed exposition in dealing with the expulsion of the Canaanites from the land and in their destruction. He deals with each of the seven nations individually, as to where they came from, how they illegally obtained the land and the judgment that God pronounced against them. The instruments God used in their expulsion were; hornets and the Israelites themselves under Moses, Joshua, David and Solomon. Finally he answers completely and convincingly the arguments made by infidels and the ignorant, that God is unjust for demanding the extermination of these seven nations. Parkinson's arguments are logical and highly Biblical. He sums up this chapter as looking at a judicial process; God is the Judge, the Canaanites are the malefactors, the Israelites are the executioners and the surrounding nations are the spectators, who are thereby warned against such conduct. Parkinson is superb in both his rabbinical knowledge, and his knowledge of the opponents of the inspiration of the scripture. A valuable and worthwhile chapter that has much material for teachers and ministers of the Word. --GL

Sermon 28: The events pictured in Deut. 33:27 occurred under a typical dispensation. A dispensation which had in it “a shadow of things to come” would be unreasonable, as well as unscriptural, not to regard them as involving a typical design. The bible speaks of two Israel’s, national Israel and Spiritual Israel. What we observe happening to National Israel is a type or shadow of what Spiritual Israel must experience. The fact that God commanded the children of National Israel to cast out the inhabitants of Canaan and destroy them, He also directs Spiritual Israel, which is the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ to cast off and destroy the influence of the world and Satan. We are to be in the World but not of the World. Just as National Israel was buffeted by the World, Spiritual Israel shall be also. We can trust that this will be done because God will cast them out before us and keep us safe for eternity. Spiritual Israel, because they were chosen in Christ Jesus before the foundations of the World, rest securely within the arms of Jesus. --TL