Sermons 23-25 on the Blessing of Asher in Deuteronomy 33

19th Jan 2015

Sermons 23, 24 and 25 in An Exposition of Deuteronomy 33"The Blessing of Asher," pages 719-842.In Sermon 23, verses 24 and 25 of Deuteronomy 33 cover the man Asher. Among the ancient Jews, the sermon … read more

Deuteronomy 33 summary of sermon 22

15th Jan 2015

We have asked a few pastors and friends of the Press to summarize for us the last chapters that we are to cover of An Exposition of Deuteronomy 33, by William Parkinson. In the next few weeks, we wil … read more

Deuteronomy 33 chapters 19 through 21

29th Dec 2014

The next chapters - 19 through 21 of An Exposition of Deuteronomy 33 are:Sermon 19: “Zebulun and Issachar Continued,” pages 594-626; Sermon 20: “The Blessing of Gad,” pages 627-659;Sermon 21: “The Ble … read more