The 16th subject - Edward Barber - from our latest book, A Noble Company, volume 6.

8th Oct 2015

Although not as prominent as some figures in Baptist history, Edward Barber (the 16th subject in our newly released book - A Noble Company, V6), nevertheless, deserves close examination and due recognition. As pastor of the Bottskill Baptist Church in Greenwich New York during the Antebellum, Barber brought regular Baptist polity to bear on preserving doctrinal integrity in the local church, particularly in the necessary exercise of church discipline. Moreover Barber as a pastor distinguished himself as a formidable opponent of Freemasonry and endeavored to protect the church from it. Barber gives us a vivid example of a faithful shepherd who was devoted to defending the flock against those who would overtake it with “deceit and vain philosophy.” Barber’s dedicated pastoral practice will be informative and encouraging to those laboring in the ministry of the Word today.