The 22nd essay in A Noble Company, volume 7, is on Obadiah B. Brown (1779-1852).

7th Sep 2016

Where history is written, certain individuals are remembered more than others. While this is regrettable, it does not mean that those who are neglected have contributed less to the flow of history and the course of human events than others. Such a man was Obadiah Brown. His name is largely unknown among Baptists of today and his ministry largely forgotten. Yet the course of American history, the shaping of the nation, the progress of the faith in its Baptist expression owes much to men like Obadiah Brown. Hillhouse observes that: “In the youthful years of the American Republic, before an earth-scorching Civil War etched sectionalism in our history, there were few men like Pastor Obadiah B. Brown of Washington, D.C., who sought to make the words ‘One Nation, indivisible’ a reality.” --Don Moffitt