The 3rd subject in our forthcoming book, A Noble Company, volume 8, is John Peck (1780-1849).

9th Nov 2016

A complete biography of John Peck, wrote his friend and biographer George Eaton in 1851, “would embrace a history of the Baptist denomination in Central and Western New York, from its feeblest beginnings up to the present condition of vigorous and expanding prosperity.” Further he added, “In reviewing the events of his eminently useful life, we have been struck with the fact, that in almost every public enterprise originated and prosecuted for the extension of the Redeemer’s kingdom, in connection with the Baptists of New York during the present century, he bore a prominent and leading part; and that in all, without exception, his counsels were wise and judicious, his labors unremitted and efficient, and his influence pervading and salutary in the highest degree.” --Terry Wolever

This volume will be released November 28, 2016. $34.