The first in our biographical snapshots in volume 6 - Elisha and Abigail Williams

27th May 2015

A biographical snapshot from the forthcoming Volume 6 of A Noble Company:

Elisha Scott Williams (1757-1845)

& Abigail L. Williams (1758-1818).

Prior to their conversion experiences, Elisha Williams of Connecticut and Abigail Livermore of Massachusetts shared a settled prejudice against the doctrine of the sovereignty of God and election. Yet after being brought together by the Lord’s providence in marriage, each would also be brought to delight in this cardinal teaching of God’s Word. Elisha’s early life brought him face-to-face with several near-death encounters during his service in the Revolutionary War, while Abigail was raised in a Christian home by “respectable parents.” The death of a beloved sister at the age of 21 led Abigail on a spiritual quest to find the true knowledge of God and salvation. In this biographical essay, the interesting ways in which both Elisha and Abigail were brought to a true saving interest in Christ are again related, mostly in their own words. --TW