The next (11th) subject in A Noble Company, volume 6, is Charles Lahatt (1764-1835).

17th Aug 2015

One of the great values of biography is to enjoy the amazing providences of God as He works to build His kingdom and further His glory. Charles Lahatt is a wonderful example of God's unexpected providences. That God would take a German lad, train him as a military medic and enlist him in England's fight against the American colonies is not a story particularly unique. But that God would subsequently bring that same lad under the preaching of a great English evangelist, save his soul, and return that man to the colonies he once helped oppose is a marvel of God's providence. That he would further use that saved man to further the cause of King Jesus in pastoral labors in New York and Baptist missions on the frontier is the story of this largely unknown but faithful minister of the Gospel. --RB