​The sixth subject in our next volume of A Noble Company is Isaac Case (1761-1852).

6th Jul 2015

To read of the astonishing ministry of Isaac Case is a pleasure. He is one that stands out with many other Baptists of his time. Though hardly known by most today, he was deeply impressed with a longing to labor in what is now the State of Maine and beyond. Upon hearing his friend Isaac Backus read a letter concerning the vast and spiritually barren upper Northeastern part of the United States, Case became committed to evangelizing the region. This would occur just a little over one hundred years after the dissolution of the local Baptist church at Kittery, Maine, and following the absence of any Baptist churches thereafter. He would remain, according to Cathcart's Baptist Encyclopedia, "one of the most useful ministers of his day." Everywhere he traveled he led persons to the Lord and formed them into Baptist churches. It wouldn't take the reader or researcher long to realize the blessings of the Lord in Maine or the Canadian Maritime provinces, the name and ministry of Isaac Case are ever-present, although the complete work for the Lord by Case is only fully enumerated in heaven.     --J.B.