Thomas Baldwin is the tenth subject in A Noble Company, volume 5.

17th Aug 2014

Thomas Baldwin (1753-1825) was one of the preeminent Baptist ministers in America during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Born in Connecticut, Baldwin became well-known throughout New England and the Middle States as the longtime pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Boston (1790-1825) and the author of several works that were largely circulated. He was an early and enthusiastic supporter of both home and foreign missions, and began publication of The Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Magazine in 1803 (later The American Baptist Magazine) as a vehicle to disseminate news and reports of missionary activity, as well as to arouse public interest in missions. “His congregation surpassed all others in the Baptist fold in promoting missions and spawning new local societies.” The author of over 40 publications, Baldwin died in August 1825 while making a visit to the Maine Literary and Theological Institute at Waterville, Maine.